Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett in ‘Hit The Floor’ VH1 series


If you are one of Beyonce’s stans and happened to check out the new VH1 series “Hit The Floor,” the girl with the big, red curly hair may seem familiar.

And she is!

She is no other than Ashley Everett, one of Beyonce’s dancers, who also made an appearance on Beyonce’s “Life Is But A Dream” documentary.

Still trying to remember who she is? Remember the rehearsal scene for Billboard with all the dancers? There was a dancer eating chips and then she ran away from the camera. Or the scene where Frank Gatson scolds the dancers for not being on point with their hair. That’s her!

We were not fans of the “Bring It On” look a like, when we saw the commercial for the series, but when we found out that one of the dancers’ (Ahsha) mom was hiding who her real father was, we gave it a star for the little drama “IT” factor and will definitely tune in next Monday.



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